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Imani here and Indian Pussy Brand is my baby. First, thanks for stopping by. I greatly appreciate it! Trying my very best along the way, I promise more kawaii wares and art will be coming soon as I build and create. 

A bit about me
I'm Imani, a tattoo artist and illustrator by trade. I am completely obsessed with Japanese culture, lolita (& other j-subculture) fashion & kawaii lifestyle and love to share it with others. With quite a long resume, professionally, I'm happy to be able to share my art with you :-D

On Indian Pussy Brand
A fun, colorful, and quite suggestive name, IP Brand, is all about tattoo INKPLAY and kawaii lifestyle art, inspired by tattoo culture. It just happens to be made by a cute kitty ;-D

I realize everything here is not for everyone. However, if you love my work but want something more for you, I am happy to accept custom commissions. Just use the Contact form.

Again, thanks and be sure to catch up with me via social media. I'm a fairly easy chick to find ^^

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