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ME & the Business
Who are you?
My name's IKB. I am an international tattoo artist and illustrator. I alos love cupcakes, brownies, and blogging.

How long have you been creating?
I've been making art for over 15 years now and tattooing for about 9 years.

What's the difference between you, Artistic Sole, & Indian Pussy Brand?
Not too much really LOL. I'm Imani (hi! nice to meet you ^.^)
Artistic Sole was to be a brand from customizing sneakers. However, the name's since been associated with an amazing group of artist friends, creating a pseudo art collective. SO I guess the name's kind of in transition.
Indian Pussy Brand (IP Brand) is my baby girl. Properly named, she was Tokyo 13's friendship gift to me- my kitty logo, Indian Pussy. The brand houses all of my creative ideas and efforts.

Does it matter which one I reference?
No, no! Not at all. Which ever name you reference it's all creative & it's all love.
Where are you located?
Physically, I am in Washington, DC. I'm proud to call Pinz-n-Needlez home to my tattoo & some art life.

Do you travel to tattoo, do commissioned art, or to attend art related events?
Why yes! I love to travel and traveling to create - tattoos or other commissioned art- makes it traveling even sweeter!

Where do you travel to often?
In the order of most visited to least visited Atlanta, Japan, NYC, San Francisco, Philly, LA.

Do you take travel requests from clients?
For sure! I'm happy to travel and accommodate so long as the ideas are dope, the energy is creative, & the money is right. Just contact me.
Do you do collaborations?
If other artists are game, then so am I. Let's create & paint some things bright!

How do I order commission art?
Soon, there will be a full option to in the store to make it easy to request commissions. Until then, simply contact me. 

Where else can we find more about your art?